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Enter 3 character and tab
Enter logon Id and tab
4 number pin and tab

'Client id' is the first three character of your QRnotes (i.e for FRE-121.. it is 'FRE')

The 'Startling Label Number' is the first label that will be printed and it is automatically taken from your file but you may override it

The QRnotes labels program (this program) helps you create labels by producing web pages full of new labels for your account - then you use the 'print' function of your browser to send them to a printer. You may print them on regular paper or label stock (available at you office supply store) - or have us, or the 3rd party of your choice, print them for special sizes and media - such as stainless steel tags, etc.

We have chosen to include label sizes around 3/4 inch x 3/4" as most smartphones can read them* but you may also add your own. In general, the only changes you may need to make to the included samples are to your browser's 'print margins' that will show up when you select the print option on your browser. We have "recommended margins", on the bottom of this page but your printer may well require different margins (EVERY label type may have different margins). ** When in doubt - the FULL PAGE label is easiest to line up - then just cut them outwith scissors.

We recommend that you test print on plain paper a few times with different margins. Once you have found the right margins for the label stock you are using , enter them in to the margin fields on the bottom of the page and we will remind you next time you select this label stock.

This program keeps track of your accounts 'next ' unprinted label so you do not reprint labels accidentally.

*Notes :

1) There is no standard size that a QR label must be. They can be infinitely large BUT there is a practical limit as to how small they can be. Just as human eyes vary in how small a print they can read, smartphones vary in how small a QR label they can read.

2) If you don't want to mess with labels, we can print them for you or you can print them on regular paper. Cut them out and attach them by placing some clear packing tape over them. If you need metal ,plastic , or other special material tags we would be happy to assist (sales@qrnotes.com)

3) We have found that placing clear packing tape over a QR label does not significantly effect the ability to read them and helps keep the ink from being rubbed off.

Use the down arrow on the right to see the list of existing labels, the '+' to create a new one
How tall, in pixels, should label be - start with 150
A spacer column is ALWAYS placed between QR columns for spacing (default 0 in pixels )
A blank row is ALWAYS placed between QR rows (in pixels, default 0)
Printer may not lineup with label cuts and this allows an extra row insert every 'x' data rows
If putting in extra row, pixel height

The "Select office label type" field lets you select an EXISTING label format, or create your own new one.

It is easist , but not required, to start with an existing label and making changes - so select an existing label using the "drop down' arrow THEN select the '+' right next to the drop down arrow and enter your new label name.

Change any of the values and click on the lin to sthe standard or validation labels.

The label you just defined will now be included in your list of label type.

Changes to the margins, etc will also update the appropriate label type

Printer settings ( will be displaying labels in browser to print, so set these margins )

*** Information Only : MARGINS need to be adjusted manually on the PC print screen when you print the label

Google Chrome Browser : right click page, , select "+ More Settings", then "Margins" Then "Custom" and the margins appear

Chrome & Mozilla browsers as well as Internet explorer give you control over margins. Microsoft edge ...not so much :)

Manual updates here WILL update the next starting label in the database
Total number of labels to print
'Validation' labels are used for anti-counterfeiting , otherwise use 'Regular'
'No user' means EVERYONE needs to login to add a record. 'Initial User' means the first to scan can add an inital record. 'Any User' measns anyone can add a record
If 'Yes' then the labels can be used with no logon. Still suggest inital QR scan
Save all changes to the label format