QRNotes Signup.

All QR codes are assigned to an account and this is the screen where that account is created. The choices made here will be the default values for all this accounts QR codes but can be easily changed on a QR code by QR code basis.

To be useful, a QR code must be setup to either link to a web page , to display a note, or collect data from the person scanning. For security purposes the person setting things up must either enter a user and password name or a pin.
Password* (6 characters min) and Verify Password :
The Configuration screen is typically used when several codes are being setup at once. THis screens requires standard user logon and is best accomplished on a larger screen.
PIN - 4 character (max) :
The pin code makes setting up a QR from a smartphone easy and quick but it still maintains security.

If “Allow first to scan to setup” is marked as ‘Yes’ then the first person who scans the QR code will be allowed to configure what happens when this QR code is scanned.

This method is easily done on a smartphone. THe person applies the tag, scans it, enters the pin , then either adds a note or a web page to link to.

Note : If left blank the first person scanning the QR code will NOT have the option of seeing it up
Default URL (web page address) for my QR codes : Some accounts will essentially call the same web address every time, with modifications to the parameters passed in the URL. ( URL is the same thing as the web page address and stands for “Universal Resource Locator)

Note : if left blank the will be no default URL
Description of this web page :
THis description should be short but not left blank and will, in some cases, be presented to the user

first person to scan QR configures it, if they know pin

Logon Id and pin are used to configure QRNotes , password is for company account maintenance

If a validation option is used and the validation fails w, what message do you want displayed
If a validation option is used and the validation succeedsw, what message do you want displayed

If you want your logo to appear on any displayed pages
If you have a variable values that you want filled in replace them with '**' (two asterics) in the url
msall is better