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It seems that you have scanned a QR code that has not yet been assigned a web address.

If you are the owner of this QR, please login by entering your password and then fill in the desired web address.

While QR codes have traditionally been limited to a SINGLE and PERMANENT web address , Scan2C allows the web address to be changed at anytime and also allows more than one web address to be linked to the same QR code.

The benefits to changing a QR code at anytime are fairly obvious. The biggest advantage being the ability to pre-print the labels and assign them to the desired web address at any time, for instance after the QR tag is installed.

The benefits of being able to assign multiple web addresses to the same QR are less obvious but just as powerful. For example, assume each piece of equipment in a factory has a need to link to web pages that covers five different functions : installation, calibration, usage, maintenance, and cleaning. Rather than having 5 different QR codes, you can assign them all to the same code.

When a QR code is scanned, Scan2C determines if there is more than one web address assigned to that QR. If there is only one web address attached to the scanned QR , the user is routed directly to that address. If there is more than one web address for that QR, Scan2C automatically creates a menu with all the web address options , and the user can then select the one they want.

To assign multiple web address to a single QR code, select the desired QR code below, and press it's "Copy" button, then just add the additional web address. Scan2C handles everything else.

You may choose to to have Scan2C print your labels or print them yourself.

In general, if you have a small volume of tags that can be printed on paper and don't need them tied to your database - then you may choose to print your own.

Scan2C can help with more sophisticated needs , higher volumes, or require the tags made of metals, etc

Please click on the link below for detailed instructions on printing your own labels.

Cut and pasting the url of a website to attach to a QR can be difficult on a smartphone. There is a trick on Android Chrome browser.

1) Go to the browsers web address box. Click the url quickly. The url will be highlighted.
2) Press and hold on the url until a message popsup to ask if you want to copy. Say yes.
3) Go to where you want to paste . Press and hold your finger in that text box and a message will ask if you want to paster. Say yes.

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