You may create a free 'QRFlex' account by going to this site QRFlex Free Signup >>

You will be emailed a confirmation of your account and a link

The "QRFlex Register and Update" page will walk you thru some initial setup

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can use QR codes , and if you have not installed a QR reader yet - we recommend :


For Android :

Android QR Reader

For Apple :

Apple QR Reader

For Kindle :

Kindle QR Reader.

Ater installing the app, launch it and point the camera on your phone at the QR code. The image of the QR code will be displayed on your screen and the software will automatically read the QR code, launch your browser, and take you to the correct website. It is all pretty fool-proof but there are two things to note :


1) When reading the QR code , the camera has to 'auto focus' on the code to read it. The distance the camera needs to be from the label depends on the size of the label and the resolution of your camera. In general, if the QR code looks like it is in focus on your screen , you are close - just move it in and out a bit to find the right spot for your camera.


2) Don't place QR codes within a few inches of each other. The readers do a great job but if two codes are close to each other - the code that looks like is being focused on - may or may not be the one actually read.

Remember that Scan2C can link to ANY place on the web including Youtube, Facebook, etc BUT if the desired documents are NOT already on the web - that is quickly and easily achieved. Google Docs & Google Sheets , both included free with your free Google account, will allow you to create original word processing document and spreadsheets OR to import those documents from other programs such as MS Word and MS Excel.

From your browser go to "". Press the big red "New" button on the upper right and select either :
"Google Sheets" to create a new spreadsheet or to import one from another platform such as Microsoft Excel OR
"Google Docs" to create a text , image, or PDF document - or to import from another platform such as Microsoft Word.

If importing an EXISTING document go to the 'File' menu (top right) and select "open", then select the file type and the file. If NOT importing, create your document.

When the document is complete , go to the "File" menu and select "Publish to the web'. Google will then give you the url where it is storing that sheet or word document. Your documents are now online in a "read only" mode (anyone can read, only you can change) ! .

BONUS : If you want to link to a particular spot on the Google document that you just published as a web page, that too is easy, but slightly technical. .

1) Make sure that text you want to link directly too is a "Heading". You can easily convert text into a heading in Google Docs. (You will need to exit the Doc for changes to be implemented) .

2) Highlight the heading on the web page you want to link to - press the RIGHT mouse button and a box will popup, select the" inspect element"..

3) The browser will display something like this
< h3="" class="c0 c1" id="h.xxxxx"> Pump1 <>< 3=""> ..

We want the "h.xxxxx" text..

4) Add a #h.xxxxx to the end of the url of the web page. (note the '#' in front of the h.xxxx).

So if the web page is .
and the generated for this heading is h.z9p4a5aq5adv.

Then the new link that takes us directly to that heading is
Click on this link, or the one sent in you confirmation email and , sign in, and make the required changes QRFlex Register and Update >>

The "QRFlex Register and Update" page will walk you thru the process of linking your QR code to a web pge or changing the current link
You may choose to to have QRFlex print your labels or print them yourselves.

In general, if you have a small volume of tags that can be printed on paper and don't need to be tied to your database - then you may choose to print your own QR labels. Scan2C can help with more sophisticated needs , higher volumes, or require the tags made of metals, etc .

To print labels yourself on standard office label paper you may save a copy the following Google spreadsheet and update with your numbers (prints on standard 3 x 20 office labels) QR code spreadsheet for office labels stock


Click on this link and sign in QRFlex Register and Update >>

The "QRFlex Register and Update" page will display the actual QR code itself, as well a a link called 'Create this QR code by itself in a browser". If you click that link Google will create a large version of your QR code which you can copy and make larger or smaller (as long as it is not TOO small).

In many cases QR codes are repeatedly being attached to the same general type of items or equipment and/or being linked to the same general web pages.

Rather than have the person configuring the QR code entering all the information from scratch, for each QR , we can set up 'templates' and allow them to select the most approriate template and then make any relevant change for the specific item being labeled.

Click on this link to be taken to the template creation page Template Creation>>